Thursday, April 18, 2013

My 30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge

Hey guys! Initially I wasn't planning on blogging about this buuut after my results, I decided that I wanted to share!

I've done a lot of dieting and clean eating research over the years and I'm also currently studying to become a personal trainer. I came up with my own "30 Day Challenge", as I like to call it. I started one day (in the middle of the week because I was so excited!) and saw it through to the end. My birthday did fall in the middle of the 30 days and I did cheat by having ONE beer (shh don't tell anyone!) but I didn't even have ANY cake, sad I know!

I, like most people instantly get hungry just hearing the word "diet". I didn't want to, nor did I need to "diet". I just wanted to eat clean, eat healthy, eat often and workout hard. The reason I wanted to do a 30 day challenge is because I wanted to see just how much I could do to my body in 30 days.

Food wise, I feel like I did great. I also learned a lot of creative ways to switch up some "boring" foods that I wasn't a huge fan of (like Tuna, gag). Workout wise, seeing my results and being so happy with them, I wish I had pushed a little bit harder. And you know what I'm going to do about that? Try another 30 day challenge and PUSH MYSELF HARDER! I'm taking a little break from being AS strict (while still being pretty strict) and start this whole thing again. It made me feel so great! I can't wait!

The first few days were hard to adjust to and I believe it is all mental, you know you have to eat clean and healthy so you automatically start thinking about a burger, pasta, pastries, etc AH! Knowing that there was a date on the calendar helped me through it. After the first week I stopped counting down the days. I started feeling really good (although my sweet tooth started going crazy, especially when I hit "that time of the month" (so proud of myself for not giving in, I still don't know how I did it, I even threw out the chocolate that was in my pantry-I know but it was staring at me and calling my name!). I started getting creative in the kitchen and wanted to come up with a way to satisfy my sweet tooth with healthy stuff, that's when I started making protein cookies and man are they delicious, I feel guilty, like I'm cheating every time I have one (recipe is in my blog, check it out!). By the end of the 30 days, "bad" food that I was craving so much of sounded pretty disgusting, I felt great and on the 30th day I worked out harder than I had all month, I was so excited!

Now that the 30 day challenge is up I don't really know what to do with myself... aaand that's why I'm doing it all over again. If I had such great results in 30 days, let's see what I can do in 60! Yay!         
Would you like to try it with me???

I'll be starting my next 30 Day Challenge on Monday, April 22nd. I'll be posting my progression as well as some diet and workout stuff. Follow me and join in the challenge!

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