Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 1 - 30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge – Day 1

Okay guys, today’s the day!! The first day of our 30 day challenge! If you’re not following me yet, you can still start now

This is my second 30 day challenge. The first one ended a week ago. I lost 6 pounds and gained great muscle tone. I loved it so much that I'm doing it again. Join in and DO IT WITH ME!

My 1st 30 Day Challenge

Follow me for daily updates during my 30 day challenge! Including day by day - workout, food diary, tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts

 Let's Get Started!!!

*Record your start weight and take a Day 1 picture!

First, I’m going to go over my eating do’s and don’ts.

Absolutely NO:

- Sweets
- Salt (or seasoning full of sodium)
- Sauces (such as ketchup, mayo, etc)

- Dressings (yes, even low fat!)
- White breads and potatoes
- Pasta of any sort
- Cheese (dairy)
- Carbs from grains after lunch (or at the latest, 3:00pm)
- Soda (yes, even diet), carbonated beverages, sugary juices, etc
- Alcohol

Absolutely YES!:
- Water, water, water! - You should be drinking no less than half your body  weight in oz of water!
- Green tea
- Pure juice (made with juicer, nothing added, just fruits and veggies)
- Veggies
- Lean meats

My only “cheats”:

- I let myself drink one cup of coffee every morning.
- I put dark chocolate chips in my protein balls.

-  I never skip breakfast
- I drink 8oz of cold water first thing in the morning, before eating breakfast
- I usually eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and a few snacks
- I don’t stick to normal meal times or snack times, I eat when I’m hungry, I’m just smart about what I eat
- I don’t eat any breads except for most mornings I will have half of a whole wheat English muffin and sometimes I'll have a wrap (but only before 3pm)

- I don't eat any cheese, at all
- I use almond milk instead of regular milk and I only use it for protein shakes

(I usually like to eat more but since today was my first day, I was kind of getting back into the swing of things)
Breakfast- 1 cup coffee, 1 whole wheat English muffin with 2 tbs peanut butter (I try not to have that much grain but I woke up starving :-/ )
Lunch- Protein Shake (1 cup almond milk, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, ½ banana, 2 large strawberries
Snack: Apple
Dinner- Salad (1 grilled chicken breast-shredded, ½ avocado-mashed, juice of ½ small lime, 1 ½ cup raw spinach, hand full bean sprouts, sprinkled with sunflower seeds and chia seeds

I workout everyday. The first 30 day challenge my goal was to workout no less than 6 days a week, giving myself a day to relax. I ended up wanting to take my dog (Reese) for a run on my "rest" days. So I actually worked out 7 days a week. It's good to be addicted to fitness! But if you need a day (one day!) to rest, then take it, you deserve it!... but only if you really push yourself the other 6 days!
Legs and booty! Looooove! 

*This is what I did. If you can't do as many as listed, write down your max and match it or do better next time!

- 100 Jumping Jacks
- 50 Squats
- 50 Calf raises
- 25(per leg) Back Lunges
- 25(per leg) Single Leg Squats (you can do this using a chair, letting your butt touch the chair each time you squat)
- 25(per leg) Deadlifts


- 25(per leg) Back Leg Lifts (keeping your glutes squeezed)


- 25(per leg) Hamstring Curls


- 25(per leg) Booty Circles (draw a circles with your legs)(keeping your glutes squeezed)


- 25 Body Surfing (start with legs on ground, lift legs straight up with toes pointed out, curl legs in so that feet are pointing up, slowly release back down to starting position)


- 25(per leg) Standing Back Leg Lift (keeping your glutes squeezed)


- 25(per leg) Single Leg Hip Raise 

Ended with 100 Jumping Jacks

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