DIY Dry Shampoo
The term "dry" shampoo is a little misleading... it is nothing like the aerosol cans you buy at the store. This is a liquid mixture that is just like spaying water on your hair with a spray bottle. BUT! don't let that scare you away! It literally takes just a few minutes to use and it leaves your hair feeling clean. At least for me, it makes my hair feel cleaner than after I shampoo in the shower! Crazy huh?...

Top 10 FavoriteBeauty Bargains
There are so many (amazing) makeup videos, beauty hauls, tutorials, top favorite lists out there for top brand makeup, but for a lot of products, there is really no need to spend your entire paycheck on it! Although I do have a lot of expensive make up, and yes we all love the expensive make up but if I can get a great beauty product for way less than what I can find at places like Sephora,… sign me up! These are all products that I’ve gotten at Walmart and absolutely LOVE!

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