Friday, May 24, 2013

30 Day Challenge - It's Over!

30 Day Challenge - It's over!

Hi guys!

Our 30 Day Challenge is over! Life got a little crazy... okay, life got a LOT crazy for me (which I'll tell you about later) and I wasn't able to blog the end of our challenge as soon as I wanted to. : ( I'm really sorry guys!! Family emergency!

Alright, here we go!
First, you guys need to take your final picture, if you haven't already. Put your starting picture next to your final picture and see the difference. You can also line your progression photos up and see the gradual transformation. If you're happy with your results, give yourself a pat on the back, you worked hard for this! If you're not happy with your results, still give yourself a pat on the back because you made a big step by trying! Now just keep up the hard work and don't stop, you'll get there! : )

This is my  2nd 30 Day Challenge
So now, depending on your goals, you can switch up your workout schedule. Working out 3-5 days a week is definitely a good idea, no less though! I will be working out 5-6 days a week.

I really like HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts!! I changed my workout routine during the last week of the 30 Day Challenge and I really noticed the difference right away. My next fitness blog will be about my new routine and how great it is!

Now as far as food goes, stick with the rules of our Challenge, just add one cheat meal per week in the mix. It should be a planned meal. Planning the meal will insure that you are making it worth it to you, something you've been craving, it will also help avoid binge eating! These cheat meals are important. You don't want to feel like you're on a strict diet and can never enjoy the foods you love again (without feeling terribly guilty). Just make sure to remember your portion control. Keep in mind that this is not a "diet", "diets" fail. This is a lifestyle and healthy way to live.

Honestly, I like to let myself have one cheat "meal" per week PLUS one dessert per week. My desert consists of frozen yogurt with fruit and a little bit of chocolate (from Orange Leaf). Mmmmm! It does not consist of a huge piece of cake covered in disgusting icing every single week! BUT, if I know there is a birthday party or an event that I'm going to that week, I will skip the frozen yogurt and plan on having a very SMALL helping of a yummy sweet served at the event. Just be smart guys, use your better judgement and common sense. Remember that you have to live with the consequences of your decisions. You're the only one that can let yourself get out of shape and you're the only one that can get yourself in shape.

If you have a long road ahead of you to reach your goals, you might not want to have dessert every week, but if you really struggle with a sweet tooth and tend to binge and regret it, maybe you should plan a small treat each week, something to look forward to and won't ruin all your hard work. Just. Be. Smart.

After my first 30 Day Challenge I was so excited, happy and proud of myself! So much so that I wanted to do it again... so, I did! If you feel that you want to do this challenge again and aim for even BETTER results, have at it! No cheat meals and workout 6 days a week with no excuses!

If you need a refresher on what to eat and what not to eat, or if you're new to this blog and would like to try this 30 Day Challenge, click HERE to start from the beginning. :-) Happy getting fit!!

As always, if you need any guidance, advice, motivation, etc along the way, just let me know! I'm here to help! : )

Until next time!

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