Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tasty Tuesday

Hi guys! Today is my first “Tasty Tuesday” post. I’m planning on posting new recipes on Tuesdays. Everything from protein shakes, protein balls/cookies, breakfast, lunch or dinner creation, and the occasional sweet treat, etc. ;-) 

Sunday I made this Fruit and Veggie - No Cheese Pizza, it was pretty good! 


1 Premade Pizza Crust (or whatever crust you want to use – cauliflower crust!!)
Olive Oil
Alfala Sprouts
Red Onion – halved string slices
Strawberry - chopped
Avocado - chopped
Chicken – cooked and chopped
Chia Seeds

Bush olive oil on crust. Put as much of each ingredient on the pizza as you’d like, top with chia seeds.
Preheat oven and cook according to directions of pizza dough package (I did 10 minutes at 425 degrees).

This was my dinner last night. It was perfect because I wasn’t too hungry and it is very light. 

Red Onion
Red Wine Vinegar

Well, it’s a salad so just load her up! ;-)

I hope you enjoyed my first “Tasty Tuesday” post!! : )

See you next time!

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